Change Management

Become digital transformation consultants - offer Adopt & change Management

With the rapid adoption of cloud services, traditional MSP services are becoming obsolete. The needs of your clients are changing. Too many MSP's make the mistake of thinking their clients don't need their services anymore.  The truth is they don't need the service they have previously provided.  They need new services.  Desperately. Easily add Adopt & Change Management to your suite of services.



Adoption and change

In the past, organisations leaned heavily on their MSP to help them understand what technology they needed, then implement it. Today, organisations are increasingly armed with information - the tools they need and often buy themselves are readily available. But they don't make a transformational difference to them because they fail to address the most difficult challenge of implementing new technology... the people.
Microsoft 365 is a perfect example.
It is easy to purchase and relatively straightforward to implement.  But maximising the benefit requires a different expertise and tools than organisations have - and most MSP's currently provide. Therein lies your opportunity.



Opportunity is everywhere - Microsoft Teams example

Microsoft is investing more into Teams than any other product.  It is core to their future strategy and a key metric for them this year. As a result, Teams has become a game-changer for organisations.
But only if they know how to use it.  The problem (and opportunity) is that most don't.
That's where you and Kambium come in.
We provide MSP's with the framework, tools, materials and training to provide digital transformation services.  You can rapidly set up a change management consultancy that helps your current and new clients adopt and change, making use of the power of SaaS tools like Teams.
This enables you to provide adoption and change management services for a wide array of projects and customer needs.







Communications plan and training


Service adoption framework, Application first approach, Based on Microsoft ASM


Change management plan, People first approach, Based on APMG

We provide you with Training Resources

A critical part of achieving change is ensuring people understand their new way of working.  The more they understand, the more comfortable they are with change.
So as part of your Kambium toolbox, we provide comprehensive training tools that enable you to deliver high quality sessions.
These are the result of years of refining.  They are based on what works.

Enable people to make the real difference

Technology makes a difference, but people make the real difference.
Kambium closes that loop, making it easy for MSP's to become strategic advisors to their clients.  Kambium MSP's form deep, trusted relationships with senior management.  Their work delivers real change in the organisations they work with.
Adoption of new tools becomes seamless along with more efficient and automated workflows.
The people in their clients organisations change behaviour.  They make use of new tools every day, working faster and smarter.
And they love you for it.

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