How are you perceived? The “fixit” people, or the “transformation” people?

How do you want your clients to see you?

Who are you to your clients? The team they trust to come and fix their systems, or the team that helps them transform their business?

If your clients see you as the team that fixes their platform, then your relevance and importance are going to plummet. That’s because we’re now entering a world where devices are becoming more reliable, and more services come from the cloud. Simply, there is less to support, and it’s becoming a price-commodity support arrangement.

If you consider yourself to be the trusted advisor, then you have to be confident that the leaders in your clients see you like the later, not the former.

So how do you transform their perception?

They need to see you as business advisors, and that means discussions about business, not technical specifications. It’s not easy if you haven’t been doing it. Where do you start? How do you get to the senior leadership of your client with the right agenda to have a business conversation? For most MSPs, specifications, speeds and capacity are the default basis of most propositions, and these aren’t business conversations. How do you change the content and shape of your relationship with clients?

That’s where KAMBIUM helps. We’ve figured out how to deliver real advice across the IT stack and throughout your client’s business, making a real difference to them and to your relationship with your clients. Best of all, we’ve figured out how you can monetise the engagement. Click here to watch a brief video on how Kambium can help.

Let us help you to help you transform your clients and help them succeed!

KAMBIUM is a toolkit for MSPs to help them effective business IT advice to clients, going beyond traditional support and into high-value professional business consulting. Join the journey to more connected, more successful and more loyal clients.