How will MSP’s stay relevant?

Are you as relevant to current and potential clients as you need to be?

Can you sustain your business even as your clients decentralise and move towards distributed cloud services?

What’s left for you to maintain today, tomorrow or in five years?

The modern reality is that most clients are heavily invested with ‘Shadow IT’  -in fact a report from PWC in NZ and Australia showed just how pervasive this is. Click here to see the report.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it shows that there is real demand for IT innovation within the organisations.  You probably can’t, and shouldn’t, stop Shadow IT, but you can guide, educate and make it safe.

Shadow IT is a real opportunity for MSPs to extend their reach within their clients.  Addressing the challenge of Shadow IT is a great example of moving engagement from support to governance.

 As IT Professionals, we recognise the risks and opportunities of Shadow IT services like DropBox taking hold within an organisation.  We can lead clients through the reality of the need for the services and the risks of key data being on platforms outside of the organisations visibility – risk of theft, credential compromise or even just what happens when staff leave.

There are many examples where MSPs can add value to their clients  This is just one.   If you consider yourself to be your client’s trusted advisor, are you really in a position to give these valuable IT advice and will your client’s recognise it when you share your wisdom?

This is the transformation that MSPs must make to stay relevant, and it’s a gold rush if you can do it well.  You’ll truly build unbreakable trusted relationships with new services that add real value.   Even as infrastructure reduces, and the physical footprint inside client organisations reduces, their reliance on quality IT guidance increases.

But where do you start and how do you scale these services?

That’s where KAMBIUM helps.  We’ve figured out how to deliver real advice across the IT stack and throughout your client’s business, making a real difference to them and to your relationship with your clients.  Best of all, we’ve figured out how you can monetise the engagement.

Let us help you to help you transform your clients and help them succeed!

KAMBIUM is a toolkit for MSPs to help them effective business IT advice to clients, going beyond traditional support and into high-value professional business consulting.  Join the journey to more connected, more successful and more loyal clients.