Moving up the MSP Value Chain… but how?

As regular support becomes more of a commodity, you need to move up the value-chain – but how?

How do you go up the value chain at scale?

We all know that its hard to have a successful, thriving, growing business when you are locked in a price war with competitors. We can tell ourselves that our particular service recipe is unique, but ultimately if another MSP can compete with you, then it’s not. After all, it’s not what we think, but rather what our clients think, and the last thing we need to do is be fighting client retention by lowering prices or reducing margin.

The answer is to move up the value chain, doing work that genuinely is unique and immensely rewarding.

The reality is that we do have something unique to offer clients, and that’s guidance. We need to step away from thinking about platform, infrastructure, fabric and licensing, and start to think about the business. It’s a mind-shift, but highly rewarding for MSPs that want to thrive.

The prize is work that is more significant, more sizable, more valuable to you, and especially more valuable to your client. Above all, this is work that is more rewarding because the outcomes are so impactful.

At the same time, moving up the chain will uncover a new client base, with larger organisations and deeper interactions. We’ve uncovered opportunities working in accounts that our competitors still own the support work, while we get more interesting projects.

This is something we’ve been doing in our own MSP business, and we’re now ready to share what we know with other MSPs like you. We’re happy to share how we win new business, grow existing accounts, and most of all, we’ll show you how to deliver these services scalably over several consultants.

KAMBIUM is a toolkit for MSPs to help them effective business IT advice to clients, going beyond traditional support and into high-value professional business consulting. Join the journey to more connected, more successful and more loyal clients