MSP secrets – the key to winning sticky clients

How you can win new STICKY clients, even win your competitor’s sticky clients!

Every time a client asks for a copy of their site documentation, do you take a deep breath? Do you start the mental exercise of wondering which, if any, of your competitors might be bidding to steal your client? So you start thinking through all the things you could have done to make the client more loyal to you?

We think our clients are sticky because we understand their environments. We think only we can support their configuration because we alone know it, as we built their configuration in the first place. But this doesn’t stop us from challenging other MSPs as we seek to win over their clients, and it doesn’t stop them from trying to do the same to us.

As more infrastructure moves to the cloud, MSPs become more vulnerable to price-shopping clients and hungry competitors, and more reliant on contracts. We might move them to our own hosted platforms but even these aren’t invulnerable. If the client sees us as transferable for a competitor, then we’re going to get challenged on client retention.

What is the solution?

The solution is to prove that we’re not transferable. If we can build such trust in the client at all levels, and the client sees us as more than a platform provider, then not only will we stand apart from the competitors but we’ll also win referrals.

The trust is built on giving proven-value guidance, to help your clients navigate all their IT opportunities and dilemmas.

If we are providing reports that talk to ticket counts, uptime, capacity planning, and so forth, then we’re presenting ourselves as the platform, and we’re interchangeable with other MSPs.

Becoming a true ‘trusted advisor’

But if we can show reports that highlight risks, and opportunities, then we can be true trusted advisors. If we can show how we can help our clients be smarter, more agile, and more successful, then they will see us differently. They will see us as indispensable, and they’ll share more opportunities with us where we can help them solve real business problems with IT, rather than just solving IT problems.

It’s a mind-shift, but it’s one that MSPs are starting to make, of necessity. The question is, who will be first in this space, winning the trust of organisations you want to work with?

Let us help you get there faster, with programs and tools to ensure you win this new space race.

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