Recruting staff for MSP’s – this is what you’ve been missing…

As it gets harder to recruit and retain staff, the answer might be easier than you think.

We’re an industry more reliant on millennials than most. Engaging and motivating millennials is critical to MSP success and the good news is that we’re easily able to offer purpose.

Do you believe you and your business make a difference?

The organisations we support, and that in turn support our communities, are more reliant on IT for their success than ever before. By helping transform these organisations so they thrive and grow, we help our community – and we can help these organisations to use IT to be smarter, more efficient, and more productive.

Its a compelling and exciting proposition – we are the key to their success! We can help not-for-profits extend their reach to help more constituents, we can help businesses generate better returns for stakeholders, better job opportunities for staff and prospective employees.

Most of all, by focusing on helping our client organisations, we can create better opportunities for our staff.

Most importantly, you can better engage the millennial workforce. If you can have a purpose, and show how you achieve it for your clients, then you will inspire and motivate them.

But, and there is a but, we need to make sure our services match these opportunities. IT support isn’t enough. Transformational IT governance and advice is the key.

But where do you start and how do you scale these services?

That’s where KAMBIUM helps. We’ve figured out how to deliver real advice across the IT stack and throughout your client’s business, making a real difference to them and your relationship with your clients. Best of all, we’ve figured out how you can monetise the engagement.

Let us help you to help you transform your clients and help them succeed!

KAMBIUM is a toolkit for MSPs to help them effective business IT advice to clients, going beyond traditional support and into high-value professional business consulting. Join the journey to more connected, more successful and more loyal clients