Stop leaving value behind

Your interests are aligned with your clients interests

It’s a safe bet that you’ve been deploying Microsoft Teams to your clients lately, especially over lockdowns.

But are you leaving value behind?

If your clients are only using Teams for chat and calling, then they are missing out.  So are you…  you have a huge opportunity to help them and drive new revenue.

Teams, like so many cloud-based products, is constantly changing in front of us. Innovations are being rolled out that make the product stronger and help organizations to do more that they could before.

The opportunity for next-gen MSPs is to create new services that help clients exploit these capabilities.

Most MSPs will have internal product champions. There will be someone who really invests time in knowing various tools, you will likely have one person who has made Teams their ‘thing’. All the Teams related questions go to that person.

Must do better, can do better

Given the richness of the platform and how important it is to all our clients, we need to do better.

We need to offer scalable solutions to introduce new capabilities to clients at scale. MSPs need to be able to help clients exploit the rich abilities of Teams to be able to protect data in accordance with their privacy policies. They need to be able to help clients embed work processes into Teams using PowerSuite to create apps and automations that help clients increase their speed and accuracy while reducing their operating costs. Some Teams users will be highly capable but there will be others that need more nurturing and help to get the same outcomes.

Larger organizations will need your help setting up governance, from managing channel lifecycles to setting up content moderators. They will need help understanding the usage analytics to ensure they maintain their culture as they transition to a digital collaborative workplace, especially ensuring they don’t leave colleagues behind.

Easier to provide than you might think

MSPs needs tools and methodologies to do this efficiently and at scale. Not only is it too important to leave this in the hands of one super-user inside your MSP, but there is so much project and ongoing maintenance opportunities around these services that it will take a TEAM.

That’s why we’ve put Teams Adoption and Change Management in the next release of the KAMBIUM MSP 2.0 BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION TOOLKIT.