Kambium Update Q2 2018

Check out some of the latest changes to Office365 like the ability to insert a PowerApp into a modern SharePoint page, plus many [...]

OneDrive or Sharepoint?

People often ask what's the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint, we have a simple explanation to help you [...]

Restoring a previous version

If you store files in OneDrive or SharePoint version history is switched on by default. This means you can review, compare and restore earlier versions of a file. Restore has saved me on many occasions where I’ve edited content, saved it and then wanted to get back to where I started. This works for all files store in OneDrive and SharePoint e.g. Word, [...]

Seamless migration to cloud file storage

  The Electrical Training Company is New Zealand’s leading provider of Electrical Apprenticeships Training and Employment. With multiple offices and staff all around New Zealand, they decided to move file storage to the cloud using SharePoint.  This would enable everyone to easily access documents from anywhere in the [...]