There has never been more opportunity for MSPs

Thriving and growing in a competitive market – opportunity abounds!

Change and disruption bring opportunity!

There’s a real opportunity to switch up services and win new business, even while most MSPs are re-calibrating their businesses to match the reduced client surface area to support at clients, as more services move to the cloud, and end-points become more reliable. 

You might be able to say “Hey, that’s not me – I’m winning new clients and adding services”.

Well, that might be true now, but is it just masking the problem? If your new business is at lower hourly rates than you older clients (i.e.. If you re-priced existing clients, their fees would reduce) or if your revenue is supported by adding security and cloud services, then you going to face the challenge sooner or later, and the sooner you prepare and start, the better off you will be.

Just a few short years ago, all businesses needed a server, and even the smallest operations would invest in something like a Microsoft Small Business Server. Today, those businesses use Office 365 or G-Suite, and they might buy their PCs at a retail outlet. They (think) they manage their updates and secure themselves and they don’t need us anymore. That’s shrinking our market from what it used to be even 5 years ago, and it only gets tougher as cloud services become even more compelling.

Change the game you are playing

We don’t need to fight competitors over existing client accounts.

We’re now all often competing against other MSPs to win new business, convert or retain clients. How can you win in that scenario? Is it by price, or by finding a service that’s unique to us and so compelling that clients will remain loyal?

The reality is that price only works for a while. It’s much better if we have something unique to offer clients, and that’s guidance. We need to step away from thinking about platform, infrastructure, fabric and licensing, and start to think about the business. It’s a mind-shift, but highly rewarding for MSPs that want to thrive.

The solution is to prove that we’re not transferable. If we can build such trust in the client at all levels, and the client sees us as more than a platform provider, then not only will we stand apart from the competitors but we’ll also win referrals. We’ll grow our client base into accounts we never imagined possible – that’s been the experience of our MSP.

The secret is building up trust, based on giving proven-value guidance, to help your clients navigate all their IT opportunities and dilemmas.

Be different to other MSPs

If we are providing reports that talk to ticket counts, up-time, capacity planning, and so forth, then we’re presenting ourselves as the platform, and we’re interchangeable with other MSPs.

But if we can show reports that highlight risks, and opportunities, then we can be true trusted advisors. If we can show how we can help our clients be smarter, more agile, and more successful, then they will see us differently. They will see us as indispensable, and they’ll share more opportunities with us where we can help them solve real business problems with IT, rather than just solving IT problems.

It’s a mind-shift, but it’s one that MSPs are starting to make, of necessity. The question is, who will be first in this space, winning the trust of organisations you want to work with?

Let us help you get there faster, with programmes and tools to ensure you win this new space race.

KAMBIUM is a toolkit for MSPs to help them effective business IT advice to clients, going beyond traditional support and into high-value professional business consulting. Join the journey to more connected, more successful and more loyal clients