How will MSP’s stay relevant?

Are you as relevant to current and potential clients as you need to be? Can you sustain your business even as your clients decentralise and move towards distributed cloud services? What's left for you to maintain today, tomorrow or in five years? The modern reality is that most clients are heavily invested with 'Shadow IT'  -in fact a report from [...]

How are you perceived? The “fixit” people, or the “transformation” people?

How do you want your clients to see you? Who are you to your clients? The team they trust to come and fix their systems, or the team that helps them transform their business? If your clients see you as the team that fixes their platform, then your relevance and importance are going to plummet. That's because we're now entering a world where devices are [...]

Harnessing Digital Transformation

MSP's play a critical role How are you harnessing Digital Transformation for your clients, to grow your business? None of us have a magic wand where you can invent the next AirBNB, Uber or Netflix transformation for your client, even though we’ve certainly had a few ask us! It was surreal when a couple of clients come to us after their board meetings [...]

IT support is changing…. fast

Have you noticed how IT support is changing? It takes more clients, and more end-points, to keep each of your technicians and engineers busy. As you aim to grow your footprint, you’re in an increasingly cost-centric market with competitors snapping at your heals. It’s getting harder and harder to keep scoring wins. Traditional IT support has long [...]

What next for the MSP Model?

The current MSP model is under serious threat Digital Workplace Transformation is making IT more important to every organisation.  Those that ignore it do so at their peril.  They simply can’t survive in an increasingly connected, competitive world. It doesn't take much reading to realise that current MSP business models are threatened. The [...]

Moving up the MSP Value Chain… but how?

As regular support becomes more of a commodity, you need to move up the value-chain - but how? How do you go up the value chain at scale? We all know that its hard to have a successful, thriving, growing business when you are locked in a price war with competitors. We can tell ourselves that our particular service recipe is unique, but ultimately if [...]

Turning a crisis into an opportunity

When the Microsoft cloud had a momentary failure, most MSP's had an uncomfortable hour with limited access to our files and systems. It seems that some inevitably red-faced engineer at Microsoft made a simple small mistake that impacted systems all around the world and it took about hour for them to track it [...]

What do MSP’s clients really need?

IT doesn’t end at PC / network support . What does an IT manager really do - what does your really client need? There’s a gold-rush opportunity for MSP's to add real value to their clients, and even to organisations that get support from their competitors. It’s about relevance, and finding a structured way to scale out as a ‘sherpa’, [...]

Stop leaving value behind

It's a safe bet that you've been deploying Microsoft Teams to your clients lately, especially over lockdowns. But are you leaving value behind? If your clients are only using Teams for chat and calling, then they are missing out.  So are you...  you have a huge opportunity to help them and drive new revenue. Teams, like so many cloud-based [...]

The upside of Covid-19

Over the last couple of years, many organizations have moved to cloud services for much of their infrastructure. At the very least, they are adopting productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 or Google G-Suite. Almost every organisation is using SaaS to some extent, for example for CRM or financials. Depending on the complexity of the organization, they [...]