What do MSP’s clients really need?

More than just device support…

IT doesn’t end at PC / network support . What does an IT manager really do – what does your really client need?

There’s a gold-rush opportunity for MSP’s to add real value to their clients, and even to organisations that get support from their competitors.

It’s about relevance, and finding a structured way to scale out as a ‘sherpa’, to guide organisations as they navigate the ever-changing IT opportunities in front of them.

We’ve all faced competitors offering vCIO services

Lining those up against our own offerings. Many MSPs offer vCIO services, but how well do they do this and how can you make vCIO a winning proposition?

The reality is that many vCIO services aren’t delivering the value client’s expect, and sooner or later that will come home to roost.

It’s obvious that these services are a tremendous differentiation opportunity, but the challenge is finding a way to highlight that. Many of the vCIO offerings we have seen are little more than regular account management activities. They promise much and deliver little. However the opportunity is real and significant to make a massive positive impact for your clients in this space.

One of the most common failings is scope and perspective. MSPs come from support background, so they tend to focus on infrastructure and devices. In these scenarios, the emphasis of work will often be equipment or software lifecycles, capacity planning, system performance, SLAs and security.

What is the alternative?

Alternatively an MSP might go the other way and try to deliver immediate and substantive transformation, often overlaid with an

overwhelming and seemingly endless array of meetings, workshops and discoveries. Frequently this seems like progress until it becomes clear that only a fraction of these activities actually delivered a dividend. Too often, many of the outputs are too time consuming, too ambitious or too expensive for the organisation, and they look for ‘low hanging fruit’ from the reports.

In fact, the perspective and experience of the vCIO will often dictate the content, directions and emphasis of the engagement. Whether it is infrastructure, support, software, data analytics, it’s only natural that our perspective guides us.

There’s a smarter way to go forward. We were inspired by the accomplishments of real-life IT Managers and CIOs. Click here to see a short video on what we are about.

We realised that most achieve great things for the organisations they work for, building from a base of every day management activities. Its the very things that we do in our businesses, and immensely valuable to the organisations that these people work for.

Get real!

The simple reality is that all modern businesses rely on IT, and they all need that IT to be well managed. They need the IT team supported. They need the key IT assets to be secure. They need to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery matches the business needs. They need to know partners and suppliers are aligned with the business plans of the organisation. They need to deliver budgets and strategy plans and above all, they need to support their colleagues to execute their projects and demands.

KAMBIUM is a toolkit for MSPs to help them effective vCIO services to clients. We call it IT Manager as a Service – ITMAAS) . It helps MSPs scale the service across multiple consultants to deliver consistent, high quality, repeatable and above all, provable IT management for your clients. Join the journey to more connected, more successful and more loyal clients