Consumption Reporting Tool

See the sweet spots... and prove your value


License usage

What are clients paying for but not using?

Tool consumption

Are people using the tools as expected?

Absence of activity

No activity might indicate there is a problem!


How secure is their 365?

Prove value

Show improvements over time, proving your value


Use our comprehensive reports

Our suite of consumption reports instantly highlight where you can add value to your clients.  They highlight what Microsoft 365  workloads are and aren't being used.  So you know exactly how you can add value - unlocking for them the power of different Microsoft applications.
You can understand their usage and utilisation of things like SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Skype and Teams (to name but a few).
Focus your efforts where you KNOW you will make the biggest gains for their organisation - and PROVE the results by demonstrating the change in user usage over time... using Kambium Consumption Reports.

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