Deep breathe.  dive straight in to the water.  Butterflies in the stomach!!

When is it good to tell people about our GetKambium project?   

We know software is never finished, but in our case we;’ve barely started and now we’ve got people logging in and starting to use our tool!

Our plan is a soft-launch of GetKambium

We wanted to start with a few users, and ask them to give us feedback, so we could keep improving and polishing the software and make sure its amazing for new subscribers.   We’ve had a bit of that, and its been incredibly useful.   While that’s been happening, we were chasing out the last of the MVP product set.

So. are we ready?     We’re still building!!!  But.. YES, I reckon .. its time to hit ‘go’!!!

As at Feb 4th, we’re still:

1. Chasing down finishing our payment gateway – that should be complete next week, Until then, we can’t take a payment  and we need to so that subscribers can upgrade to our Premium experience (we can do that manually in the meantime for anyone who wants it)

2. Finish migrating subscribers from the prototype platform to this new GetKambium experience

3. Finish our ‘MANAGE’ module.

On top of that, we’re on track to get QBR ported across by Easter


and we’re incredibly PROUD OF IT.

So, when do we start telling people about our software? 

Well, with DISCOVER completed, we think that’s a great start and we’re keen to start sharing it.  It’s good to go, actually it’s GREAT TO GO!!