As MSPs, we know the value of a QBR with a client – a formal meeting that help you show value to your client, cements your relationship and confirms a plan of action.

Unfortunately, despite the best will in the world, often the reality is somewhat different.  If you get all your QBRs done on time, then you are in a distinct minority,

In the real world, we all get busy, and QBRs slip.  Sometimes we just can’t find the time.  Sometimes the client can’t find the time.  Sometimes, you just don’t have time to prepare a QBR properly, and the result is less than ideal.

We’re writing our GetKambium QBR module now.  In fact it is nearing completion.  We’re now at the point of welcoming ideas. 

Here’s our QBR Quarterly Business Review principles.

1. Make it easy to do a GREAT QBR for all your managed clients, not just your larger key accounts

2. Make the QBR relevant to the business CEO/owner – reach above your normal day-to-day IT contacts by including content that CxOs want to discuss

3. Make sure the QBR is structured with clear goals and objectives so you can move forward against your client’s work programme.

To do that, a QBR has to consider the client’s priorities:

  • What are their business goals for the year or the quarter? How does IT help them achieve their budgets and ‘hit the number’?   What are the key risks they need to mitigate, and the key opportunities they wish to explore?  How does IT underpin those  aspirations?  Our DISCOVER module helps you uncover those questions, and create a roadmap.
  • How is the business tracking against the agreed roadmap?  Are the approved projects on time and budget, or are there big decisions needed? What is the next initiative required to achieve the plan, and does it need to be approved?
  • Is the current IT platform and various cloud tools performing as expected, functionally and financially?  What is needed to maintain it and what approvals are required?

QBR’s shouldn’t just be a report and an information dump.  To be effective, you need to have a clear agenda, with objectives to review.  You need to be prepared.

Equally though, you should be doing these for all your managed clients, and given that by definition, you have to do 4 each year for each client, that’s a lot of work to prepare!

That’s why GetKambium is making it easy.  Quarterly Business Reviews will be part of our premium offering.   We’re currently testing the report builder and experimenting with the best ways to present data.

 It’s close to release!