1. New and improved QBR meeting designer.   

Allows the user to plan their QBR

  • Why is the information being presented?
  • What do we need to talk about with the client?
  • What decisions do we need to make or approvals are seeking as a result?

(These notes will form the basis of the meeting minutes)

2. Minor fixes to address bug in the questionnaire setup

There was a minor bug that caused question selections to be ignored when scrolling.  This is fixed now.

3. Sets the foundation for a major release due before the end of the month that will include:

  • QBR agenda templates so you can tailor QBRs to different client profiles
  • Minute taking and recording agreed actions, that can be posted to ConnectWise

4. Additional Client Information for QBRs

  • Add recording contacts
  • Add client lifecycle information

5. Account Manager dashboard reporting

  • Performance by account manager

Look forward to the QBR minuting update in late February 2023!